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Feb Physics & Ceramics
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The connection between ceramics and physics is indeed quite fascinating. The sun, as the center of our solar system, played a crucial role in the creation of the elements that make up our world, inclu..
Jan Why purchase a ceramic place setting?
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Why purchase a ceramic place setting? Having a set of ceramic plates on the table can bring a sense of joy and beauty to a family's mealtime. The colorful and ornately decorated ..
Dec We Love our
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As a company in the city of Deruta, Italy, we are proud to be part of a tradition that has been thriving for centuries. Since the 1300s, Deruta artisans have been creating beautiful and ornate ceramic..
May A beautiful gift for your fiancee
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In Casteldurante ( Today Urbania, Marche) starting from the 15th till the late 17th century, it was a common custom to give a ceramic plate to the future bride as a promise of eternal love. The dedica..
Nov Stephen Hawking
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*A few years ago, I started to be interested in philosophy and physics, reading books, and listening to university lessons on youtube. (That's what I do when doing routine stuff).In 2017 I made a plat..
Nov What it Means to Be An Artisan
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"An artisan is someone that works with their hands to create unique, functional, and decorative items using traditional techniques. Artisans are masters of craft and create products such as clothes, t..
Oct From the Renaissance
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Our ANIMALS design comes from the renaissance.The animals come from the tiles shown below, the scallops from the decorative plates, both from the XVI Century.The "Piattelletti" in Fano is an ancient v..
Oct Claudia's Sneakers
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To paint the sneakers with Deruta Classic designs is an Original idea of Claudia and Federico Ribigini. Creativity is not an ordinary gift; it requires love and passion...
Oct Reproducing a Renaissance style Majolica.
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"Li Tre Libri dell'Arte del Vasaio," by Cipriano Piccolpasso, [AD 1559], is a book that describes the formulas and methodologies used by the Italian craft shops in the 16th Century. Cipriano Piccolpas..
Oct Hypatia
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Hypatia (born c. 350–370; died 415 AD) was a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, then part of the Eastern Roman Empire. She was a promi..
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