As a company in the city of Deruta, Italy, we are proud to be part of a tradition that has been thriving for centuries. Since the 1300s, Deruta artisans have been creating beautiful and ornate ceramic plates that are prized by collectors and admirers of art and craftsmanship alike.

We strive to continue this tradition by creating unique and original designs for our products. While we are inspired by the rich history of Deruta ceramics, we are not content to simply replicate old designs. Instead, we often look to modern and bright-colored designs for our ceramic plates.

We use a wide range of colors in our work, from bright and bold hues to soft and subtle shades. This allows us to create unique and striking pieces that are full of life and energy. We believe that the colors we use are an important part of our artistic expression, and we take great care to ensure that they are well-balanced and harmonious.

We are really proud to be part of a long and storied tradition. By combining the old with the new, we are able to create beautiful and unique pieces that are a testament to the skill and creativity of the Deruta artisans who have come before us. In short, we create beautiful and unique pieces that will bring joy and beauty to people's lives.