Colors on ceramics.

Although all of us like the colors in many different tones, not many understand why the same colors used by two different companies' the results could be very different.
We know that colors are the result of a different frequency when being hit by a light source. So what makes the difference are the materials and procedures. During the cooking process, there is a chemical transformation on the ceramic piece. The surface of the ceramic piece from 700°C to 950°C is in continuous increasing boiling. Micro-bubbles move on the surface like on a thick soup. In this phase, the quality of the components is crucial. Low-quality products like colors, enamel, and glaze are more subjected to poor results.
In-depth knowledge of the used materials, enable us to add specific components that enhance protection, brilliance, and make the colors much more vibrant. Everything comes out when the piece exposes to the sunlight.