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Outdoor breakfast

As dawn's light filters through the gentle canopy of an outdoor breakfast nook, the Geribi Deruta ceramic bowls add a splash of color and craftsmanship to the morning's embrace. Their bright, hand-painted patterns stand out against the soft daylight, promising a breakfast infused with the charm of Umbrian tradition. It's a setting where the day begins not just with a meal, but with a celebration of heritage, each bowl a delicate reminder of the beauty that lies in the details, crafting an atmosphere of peaceful elegance amidst the fresh air of a new day.

Cereal Bowls


Step into a world where every meal is a celebration with our exquisite hand-painted centerpiece bowl! This vibrant Geribi masterpiece is not just a dish, but a statement of tradition and beauty that will elevate your dining experience.
Don't just serve your guests—enchant them. Let our centerpiece bowl become the heart of your table, where memories are shared, and every meal feels like a special occasion. Witness the magic it brings to your gatherings and the conversations it will spark. Embrace the charm and elegance that this timeless piece brings to your home. Order yours today and feast your eyes on beauty that transcends time.

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Geribi Deruta ceramic tiles, available in 10 and 12 inches, are hand-painted masterpieces from Deruta, Italy, known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. These tiles feature traditional patterns, including geometric shapes, floral motifs, Sun and Roosters.

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Peacock Feathers

The "Peacock Feather" design is a signature motif that exemplifies the exquisite artisanship and aesthetic sensibilities of Geribi Deruta products. This iconic pattern is characterized by its vivid color palette, with dominant shades of royal blue, emerald green, and bursts of golden yellow that echo the natural brilliance of a peacock's feathers. The intricate design usually features the eye-like patterns found on peacock plumes, elegantly outlined in bold colors, creating a sense of depth and texture.


Experience the timeless beauty of Italy with our handcrafted Geribi tile, meticulously painted in the classic Deruta Renaissance style. Each 4-inch tile is a symphony of rich colors and intricate patterns, bringing an authentic piece of Italian artistry into your living space.

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Explore the green heart of Italy. Immerse yourself in a culture that invented the term la dolce vita. Celebrate friendships old and new. Umbria is a place with countless personalities and layers all waiting to be discovered, savored and shared. Rent our charming and spacious farmhouse just outside the village of Cannara and indulge yourself in style and absolute comfort.

Le Delizie del Gelso

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