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Geribi Deruta Italy

20801 1,5 - Liter Jug

20801 1,5 - Liter Jug

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20801 1,5 - Liter Jug

This Geribi Deruta jug is a stunning display of craftsmanship, featuring a cascade of aqua blue petals that seem to shimmer against the jug’s classic silhouette. Each piece is hand-painted with delicate black outlines that enhance the sense of depth and texture, while the pure white background ensures that the colors pop with vibrant life.

A Splash of Mediterranean Elegance With Every Pour

Add a touch of Italian splendor to your table with this beautifully hand-painted Deruta jug from Geribi. Crafted to perfection, the cool blue hues and intricate detailing embody the serene beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Perfect for the discerning collector or as a gift to adorn any home, this jug is a functional piece of art that elevates your dining experience.

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