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Geribi Deruta

20802 Design (Pre Order)

20802 Design (Pre Order)

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20802 - Classic Peacock Feathers

This Geribi Deruta plate is a testament to the rich heritage of Italian ceramics. The vivid reds and lush yellows come together in a floral display that is both striking and elegant, framed by a deep blue border that accentuates the craftsmanship. The design is a harmonious blend of color and form, a perfect centerpiece to enrich any culinary experience.

Experience the allure of Italy with every meal served on our Geribi Deruta Ceramic Plate. Expertly crafted with a vibrant red bloom at its heart, this plate is not just a dish but a celebration of art. Its stunning pattern is inspired by the rolling hills and blooming gardens of Deruta, making every dining occasion a moment to cherish. A tribute to Italian heritage, this plate is an essential for anyone who values the elegance of a well-dressed table.

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