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Geribi Deruta Italy

20803 1,5 - Liter Jug

20803 1,5 - Liter Jug

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20803 1,5 - Liter Jug

This exquisite Geribi Deruta jug is adorned with hand-painted florals, where soft lavender petals meet vibrant crimson hearts, all set against a pristine white background. The jug, with its graceful lines and rich, glossy glaze, exemplifies the luxurious charm of Italian ceramics.

Experience Elegance in Every Pour with Geribi Deruta's Hand-Painted Jug

Step into a world of sophistication with our luxurious hand-painted Deruta jug. Crafted with precision, each stroke of lavender and red evokes the passion of Italian artisans.
This jug isn't just a vessel—it's a celebration of artistry, perfect for those who value elegance at their table.

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