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Geribi Deruta

20804 Rectangular 39cm 15.5" (Pre Order)

20804 Rectangular 39cm 15.5" (Pre Order)

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20804 Rectangular 39x27cm - 15.5"x9"

Amidst a spread of gastronomic delights, the Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter commands attention. Its surface, a radiant mandala of intertwining petals, painted with the meticulous artistry of Italian hands, echoes the rich heritage of Deruta. The fiery orange and passionate red hues dance across its surface, inviting diners to partake in not just a meal, but a celebration of craftsmanship.

Transform your dining into a masterpiece with Geribi Deruta Ceramics! Each platter, a canvas of exquisite Italian craftsmanship, brings the elegance and passion of Deruta to your table. Indulge in the luxury of hand-painted artistry with our vibrant collection. Make every meal a festive occasion – Experience the Geribi difference today!

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