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Geribi Deruta Italy

50010 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

50010 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

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50010 Cake-Cheese Dish - Size 32cm 12.5"

This Geribi Deruta dish, crafted with exquisite attention to detail, is a celebration of color and design. Rich emerald greens and deep blues form the backdrop for a stunning central floral motif, where layers of petals unfold in a delicate gradient from purple to a gentle pink, converging on a cheerful yellow heart. Golden yellow accents swirl elegantly, mimicking the vines of Italy's lush countryside, while the vibrant orange and blue border frames the piece beautifully. This dish is not only a vessel for presenting a sumptuous cake or a selection of fine cheeses but also a piece of art to adorn the table, bringing a slice of Italian elegance to any gathering.

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