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Geribi Deruta Italy

50010 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

50010 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

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50010 - One Liter Rooster Jug

This Geribi Deruta rooster jug is a stunning work of art, boasting a brilliant array of hand-painted colors. The body of the jug is adorned with an intricate design featuring a gradient of blues and purples forming elegant feather-like shapes, accented with golden yellow details and framed by a lattice of vibrant red. The rooster's comb and wattle are highlighted in a deep crimson, contrasting beautifully against the white and yellow of its face, while the green handle completes the piece with a touch of earthiness.

Geribi's Hand-Painted Rooster Jug: A Dash of Italian Panache

Step into the sun-dappled countryside of Italy with every pour from this enchanting Geribi Deruta rooster jug. Crafted with joy and care, its vivid colors and patterns bring the warmth of a Tuscan kitchen to your home. Perfect for a country-chic aesthetic or as a striking conversation piece, this jug is not just serveware but a symbol of the artistry and tradition that is the heart of Italian ceramics.

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