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Geribi Deruta

50010 Oval Platter (Pre Order)

50010 Oval Platter (Pre Order)

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50010 Oval Platter - 3 Shapes

The image presents a beautifully decorated ceramic plate with a vibrant floral design, prominently placed among an assortment of food items. The intricate pattern features a symphony of colors—blues, greens, yellows, and pinks—arranged in a mandala-like composition that captures the eye. This plate isn't just dinnerware; it's a centerpiece that celebrates craftsmanship and tradition.

Bring a burst of color and artistry to your table with our hand-painted ceramic plates. Each piece is a unique canvas where practicality meets elegance, transforming every meal into a special occasion. Elevate your dining experience—these are not just plates, but stories told in color. Shop now and dine in style.

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