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Geribi Deruta Italy

50011 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

50011 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

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50011 Cake-Cheese Dish - Size 32cm 12.5"

This Geribi Deruta dish is a vibrant canvas, brimming with the rich tones of a flourishing garden. The design features a captivating array of red and green, creating a floral display that's both lively and harmonious. Golden yellow details intertwine throughout, reminiscent of the gentle Tuscan sun caressing each leaf and petal. The outer rim is adorned with a mosaic of sun-kissed oranges and bright greens, framing the botanical artwork with joyful elegance. This dish, perfect for showcasing a special cake or an array of artisanal cheeses, is a testament to the Italian tradition of combining practicality with beauty, making every meal a festive occasion.

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