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Geribi Deruta Italy

50011 One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

50011 One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

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50011 One Liter Rooster Jug

The Geribi Deruta Rooster Jug, holding a cheerful one-liter capacity, is a radiant example of Italian craftsmanship. Its vivid palette boasts rich reds, sunny yellows, and lush greens, forming a traditional pattern that's both whimsical and elegant. The rooster, a symbol of good fortune in Italy, is portrayed mid-crow, adding a touch of liveliness to any table setting. This hand-painted ceramic piece is not just a jug; it's a conversation starter, a functional artwork that carries the legacy of Deruta's ceramic heritage right into your home. Whether used for serving a robust red wine or simply displayed as a centerpiece, this jug is a testament to the joyous spirit of Italian design.

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