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Geribi Deruta Italy

50012 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

50012 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

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50012 Cake-Cheese Dish - Size 32cm 12.5"

This Geribi Deruta plate is a symphony of vibrant colors and intricate design. The central motif, a stunning floral medley, blossoms in rich hues of ruby red, deep greens, and soft purples, each petal painted with precision and care. Encircling this floral beauty is a series of detailed patterns in blues and oranges, reminiscent of the intricate beadwork seen in traditional Italian fashion. The outermost rim, in a contrasting blue, frames the entire piece, creating a harmonious balance between the colors and designs. This plate is an ideal showcase for culinary creations, bringing the essence of Italian craftsmanship and the splendor of a blooming garden to the table.

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