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Geribi Deruta Italy

50012 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

50012 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

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50012 - One Liter Rooster Jug

This Geribi Deruta rooster jug is a playful yet exquisite piece, hand-painted with an array of bold, festive colors. The jug's body is adorned with vibrant scales in red, purple, and green, while its head and comb boast shades of crimson and yellow, capturing the rooster's lively spirit.

Add a Touch of Whimsy to Your Table with Geribi's Hand-Painted Rooster Jug

Brighten your home with the colors and charisma of Italy with this charming hand-painted rooster jug from Geribi Deruta.
Perfect for serving your favorite beverages or simply as a whimsical decorative piece, it brings a cheerful splash of Deruta tradition to any setting. Let this rooster jug crow in a new day of joy and vibrancy in your home!

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