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Geribi Deruta

50012 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

50012 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

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50012 Rectangular 43cm 17"

Amidst a casual culinary spread, the Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter stands out with its lush, intricate design. The hand-painted mandala blooms with layers of pink, green, and a touch of golden yellow, encapsulating the essence of a spring morning in Deruta. The green border of the platter mirrors the freshness of the herbs and the ripeness of the olives nearby, making it not only a vessel for food but a celebration of the Italian countryside’s palette.

Revel in the artistry of Italian craftsmanship with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter. Every meal becomes a canvas with this exquisitely designed piece, bringing the vibrancy of a Deruta spring to your table. Perfect for those who celebrate life's flavors with a dash of elegance. Let each bite be accompanied by beauty with Geribi – where every dish is served with tradition.

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