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Geribi Deruta

50013 Design (Pre Order)

50013 Design (Pre Order)

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50013 Classic Peacock Feathers

The Geribi Deruta plate before you is a symphony in ceramic, where each petal unfurls in a delicate dance of lavender and periwinkle. At its center, a burst of golden and azure blue, resembling the heart of a blooming flower under the Tuscan sun. This plate, with its green accented edges, is not just a piece of tableware but a slice of Italian artistry, ready to turn any meal into a visual feast.

Revel in the art of Italian dining with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic Plate, a harmonious blend of lavender grace and botanical beauty. Perfect for those special meals that call for an extra touch of class, this plate is a celebration of the rich Deruta tradition, inviting a piece of Italy’s famed craftsmanship to your table. Each glance reveals a new layer of detail, each meal a new appreciation for the art that is Deruta ceramics.

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