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Geribi Deruta Italy

50013 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

50013 - One Liter Rooster Jug (Pre-Order)

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50012 - One Liter Rooster Jug

This hand-painted Geribi Deruta rooster jug exudes a playful charm, with its vibrant plumage in rich purples, blues, and yellows, and a whimsical expression that brings life to the piece. The jug captures the essence of traditional Italian ceramics through its detailed artwork and lively character..

Enliven Your Space with Geribi's Delightful Deruta Rooster Jug

Let the heart of Italy roost in your kitchen with this enchanting hand-painted rooster jug by Geribi Deruta. A blend of functionality and whimsy, it's perfect for serving your favorite drinks or simply for adding a pop of color and joy to your decor. This ceramic rooster is not just a jug; it's a conversation piece that embodies the playful spirit of Italian craftsmanship.

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