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Geribi Deruta

50013 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

50013 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

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50013 Rectangular 43cm 17"

Resting elegantly upon a textured grey cloth, this Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter is a feast for the eyes. A vibrant kaleidoscope of blues, purples, and greens radiates from the center, reminiscent of a blooming flower in a tranquil Italian garden. The platter's edges are framed by a delicate yellow trim, harmonizing with the natural beauty of the blossoms that peek into the scene, enhancing the overall charm and inviting a touch of spring to the dining experience.

Discover the essence of Italian spring with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter. Each stroke of color, each petal and leaf in the design, brings the rebirth of spring right to your table. Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted elegance, this platter is more than serveware—it's a centerpiece worthy of your finest cuisine. Celebrate new beginnings and fresh flavors with Geribi—where every meal becomes a masterpiece!

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