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Geribi Deruta Italy

50014 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

50014 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

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50014 Cake-Cheese Dish - Size 32cm 12.5"

This Geribi Deruta plate is a canvas of botanical elegance, with petals of soft lavender and lush green creating a symphony of natural beauty. Each leaf and petal is outlined with a subtle shadow, giving life and texture to the design. The flower's heart glows in shades of amber and saffron, reminiscent of a serene sunset in the Italian countryside. Surrounding the central bloom, a delicate blue lattice pattern adds a touch of sophistication, while the golden rim encircles the design, giving it a finish that speaks of refined craftsmanship. This plate is a celebration of the rich, floral tapestry that adorns the landscapes of Italy, perfect for gracing any table with its timeless charm.

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