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Geribi Deruta

50015 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

50015 Rectangular 43cm 17" (Pre Order)

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50015 Rectangular 43cm 17"

Nestled on a rustic tablecloth, a Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter is a testament to timeless beauty. This piece, adorned with a captivating floral pattern in soothing shades of ocean blue and earthy green, is a nod to the serene Italian countryside. The intricate design, centered with a delicate flower, evokes a sense of peace and invites a touch of elegance to any meal.

Infuse serenity into your dining with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic platter. Handcrafted in the heart of Italy, each design tells a story of tradition and tranquility. Perfect for both special gatherings and everyday elegance, this platter promises to be not just a dish, but a centerpiece of conversation. Bring home a piece of Italian serenity today with Geribi!

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