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Geribi Deruta Italy

CB-A05 Cutting Board

CB-A05 Cutting Board

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CB-A05 Cutting Board - Size 13,5" x 8,1/4" -  34 x 21cm

This Geribi Deruta cutting board is a splendid representation of Umbrian artistry, with a design that evokes the elegance of peacock feathers. The intricate pattern radiates from the center with layers of teal, sage, and soft pink, reminiscent of the delicate and refined beauty found in the Umbrian countryside. Each feather-like detail is outlined with a deep blue that adds depth and contrast, while the handle features a harmonious continuation of the feather motif. This piece is more than a cutting board; it's a celebration of the natural splendor and rich palette that characterizes the Umbrian region.

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