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Geribi Deruta Italy

CB-A06 Cutting Board

CB-A06 Cutting Board

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CB-A06 Cutting Board - Size 13,5" x 8,1/4" -  34 x 21cm

This Geribi Deruta cutting board is adorned with a vibrant, floral-inspired design, resplendent with the fiery shades of an Umbrian sunset. The bold orange petals, outlined in deep blue, suggest the unfolding beauty of a lotus, with each layer drawing the eye inward to the golden yellow heart. The pattern is framed by a delicate lattice of blue, creating a contrast that highlights the warmth of the orange. The handle is a mosaic of hues that complement the board's design, reminiscent of the intricate beauty of peacock feathers. This cutting board captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship, offering both a functional kitchen piece and a splash of Umbria's rich color palette.

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