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Geribi Deruta Italy

CB-A09 Cutting Board

CB-A09 Cutting Board

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CB-A09 Cutting Board - Size 13,5" x 8,1/4" -  34 x 21cm

This Geribi Deruta cutting board presents a lush symphony of greens, capturing the essence of Umbria's verdant hills and valleys. The design, reminiscent of the leaves and natural patterns one might find in the heart of Italy, features an array of green shades edged with fine lines of dark blue, creating depth and dimension. At the center, a warm burst of yellow and orange radiates like the dawn, symbolizing the region's renowned sunlit beauty. The board's handle, adorned with a complementary mosaic pattern, adds an extra touch of elegance, making this piece not only a practical kitchen tool but also a celebration of the rich, botanical life found in Italian landscapes.

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