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Geribi Deruta Italy

CC123 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

CC123 Cake-Cheese Dish (Pre Order)

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CC123 Cake-Cheese Dish - Size 32cm 12.5"

This Geribi Deruta plate is a stunning piece of Italian ceramic art, capturing the eye with its radiant sunburst center in a dazzling yellow. The focal point is encircled by a rich blue starburst pattern, reminiscent of the clear Umbrian skies. Surrounding this central spectacle is a ring of geometric precision, a mosaic of reds, greens, and blues that suggests the intricate tile work of a classic Italian villa. The outer edge is a crown of petal-like flames in red and green, their tips kissed with blue, providing a fiery frame to the design. This plate is not just a serving piece but a celebration of the vibrant spirit and meticulous detail that is the hallmark of Geribi's renowned craftsmanship.

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