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Geribi Deruta Italy

20802 1,5 - Liter Jug

20802 1,5 - Liter Jug

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20802 1,5 - Liter Jug

This Geribi Deruta jug radiates luxury with its hand-painted, ruby-red petals trimmed in gold, each nestled within a frame of deep blue. The striking contrast against the jug's creamy earthenware body speaks to the unparalleled skill of Italian artisans.

Pour on the Charm with Geribi's Hand-Painted Deruta Jug

Transform your table into a canvas of Italian luxury with this stunning, hand-painted Deruta jug. Rich in color and heritage, each jug is a testament to the art of fine dining. Revel in the beauty of tradition with this exquisite piece that promises not just a pour, but an experience.

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