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Geribi Deruta Italy

CB-A01 Cutting Board

CB-A01 Cutting Board

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CB-A01 Cutting Board - Size 13,5" x 8,1/4" -  34 x 21cm

This Geribi Deruta cutting board is a functional piece of art, flourishing with the vibrant hues of an Italian summer. At its center blooms a majestic red flower, its petals unfurling in layers of fiery oranges and sunny yellows, each stroke and hue painted with the love and care of traditional craftsmanship. The backdrop is a playful dance of blue and white patterns, reminiscent of the mosaic tiles one might find in an old-world villa. This board isn't just a surface for slicing; it's a canvas for culinary creativity, perfect for presenting an array of cold cuts, cheeses, and hors d'oeuvres that are as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate.

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