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Geribi Deruta

Oval AN-106 (Pre Order)

Oval AN-106 (Pre Order)

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Oval Platter AN-106

This Geribi Deruta Ceramic plate features a whimsical center illustration of a hare in mid-leap, symbolizing vitality and the quickening pulse of the countryside. The surrounding petal-like patterns in shades of green with red accents create a lush frame, reminiscent of a field in the height of spring. The plate's design captures the essence of movement and life, making it an animated addition to any mealtime gathering.

Embrace the playfulness and spirit of the Italian countryside with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic plate. Featuring a spirited hare at its center, this plate is a lively celebration of nature's vivacity, designed to bring energy and conversation to your table. Each meal becomes a joyful adventure with Geribi's artistry – where the essence of Italy leaps right into your home. Gather, dine, and enjoy the leap of life with every serving!

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