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Geribi Deruta

Philosophical wall plate

Philosophical wall plate

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Philosophical wall plate - Wall Clock 34cm. - 13.5"

Nestled upon the wall, the clock is not merely a keeper of time but a mosaic of history, each tick resonating with the echoes of the past. It's a hand-painted masterpiece from Geribi Deruta, a testament to the town's rich legacy of ceramic artistry. The face of the clock is a canvas, illustrating a convergence of knowledge and epochs. 

At the clock's heart, a plethora of philosophical and celestial wisdom spans its surface. The names of great thinkers and cosmic bodies are inscribed in elegant scripts, like a silent congress of minds debating the mysteries of the universe. The earthy tones of burnt sienna, ochre, and umber form a harmonious palette that seems to capture the very essence of time itself – neither rushing nor still, but continuously unfolding in a dance of permanence and transience.

As the hands move in a steady sweep, they point not just to the hour, but to the essence of ideas that have shaped humanity – each minute a step through the Empyrean, each hour a dialogue with the ancients. This clock is not just an instrument to partition the day; it is a portal to the temporal rhythm of the cosmos, a wall-mounted oracle professing that time, in its endless cycle, is the most exquisite art of all.



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