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Geribi Deruta

WP-33 Colors - Wall plate (Pre Order)

WP-33 Colors - Wall plate (Pre Order)

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WP-33 Wall Plate

  1. "Papaya" Adorn your walls with the essence of summer using this ornamental ceramic wall plate, which features a papaya-inspired design. Its vibrant orange hues and detailed patterns bring a tropical warmth to any room.

  2. "Green Apple" This decorative wall plate, with its green apple motif, offers a blend of artistry and the refreshing charm of orchard greens. Ideal for adding a splash of nature-inspired beauty to your living space.

  3. "Vibrant Orange" Brighten your wall decor with this eye-catching ceramic plate that showcases a fiery orange pattern. A statement piece that infuses any room with energy and vibrancy.

  4. "Celestial Blue" Enhance your home with a touch of tranquility by displaying this celestial blue wall plate. The calming blue tones and intricate design create a peaceful atmosphere in any setting.

  5. "Radiant Red" This radiant red wall plate is a bold decorative element that adds a sense of warmth and vitality to your decor. Its rich red and intricate mandala pattern make it a captivating piece for any wall.

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