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Geribi Deruta Italy

CS-10 CUP & SAUCER (Pre Order)

CS-10 CUP & SAUCER (Pre Order)

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CS-10 CUP & SAUCER - 170 ml

A Geribi Deruta ceramic cup and saucer with a mesmerizing turquoise glaze, adorned with a hand-painted design featuring petal shapes in a vibrant palette of purple, yellow, and pink.

Embark on a visual journey with our Geribi Deruta ceramic collection. This cup and saucer, awash in the hues of turquoise reminiscent of Italian coastlines, is a canvas of hand-painted petals that bloom with color and life. Ideal for those who seek to add a splash of artisanal charm to their daily routine. Celebrate the fusion of tradition and modern elegance with each sip. Invite the spirit of Italian craftsmanship to your table with this stunning Deruta creation. Explore the full spectrum of style and sophistication today.

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