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Geribi Deruta Italy

CS-14 CUP & SAUCER (Pre Order)

CS-14 CUP & SAUCER (Pre Order)

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CS-14 CUP & SAUCER - 170 ml

A lush Geribi Deruta ceramic cup and saucer set, presenting a vivid green interior and rim, beautifully contrasted with a dark, hand-painted exterior featuring floral designs in yellow, red, and black.

Step into a world of natural elegance with our Geribi Deruta ceramic collection. This cup and saucer set, alive with a vibrant green that echoes the freshness of an Italian garden, is a true masterpiece of hand-painted florals. Ideal for those who seek to blend the serenity of nature with the luxury of fine craftsmanship. Enjoy your daily rituals surrounded by beauty that grows beyond the ordinary. With Deruta, you don't just drink; you savor life in full bloom. Cultivate your sense of style with this exquisite set. Available now for enthusiasts of refined taste.

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