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Geribi Deruta

FHP-207 Fish Platter (Pre order)

FHP-207 Fish Platter (Pre order)

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FHP-207 - Fish Platter (Pre-order) - Size 55cm - (21.5")

 In this image, we see a Geribi Ceramic plate with a captivating floral design, where hues of lavender and aqua merge to create a soothing, yet intricate pattern. The flowers bloom from the center, detailed with navy blue outlines that give depth and contrast. This piece artfully balances color and design, lending an air of elegance to any meal.

The Geribi Ceramic plate is not just a vessel for food but a centerpiece that enhances the beauty of your culinary presentation. It represents a legacy of Italian artisanship, inviting both the tradition of shared meals and the appreciation of fine craftsmanship to your table. Whether as part of a festive occasion or a casual family dinner, this plate is sure to enrich the dining experience.


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