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Geribi Deruta Italy

Griffin Table.

Griffin Table.

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Geribi Griffin Table

Discover the splendor of the 13th century Italian heritage with our Geribi Table, directly inspired by the ornate designs found in the Palazzo dei Priori's Sala dei Notari.
Crafted in the year 2000, this table is not merely a piece of furniture but a portal to the past, a re-imagining of the grandeur that once adorned the walls of one of Italy's most historic buildings.

Surrounding the perimeter is a sumptuous dance of golden griffins and floral motifs, intertwined with the enduring Greek key design. This combination reflects the opulence of the Baroque period and the timeless elegance of ancient Greece, all set against a noble green canvas—a homage to the grand frescoes of the Palazzo dei Priori.

The tabletop, formed from exquisite volcanic stone, boasts not only a resilient, heat-resistant surface but also a creamy, subtle shade that contrasts beautifully with the bold border design. This is all supported by a robust wrought iron base, with legs that curve gracefully, lending both stability and style.

  • Diameter: 120cm
  • Material: Volcanic stone, iron.
  • Design: Greek key border
  • Painted in: Deruta by Geribi
  • Date of Creation: 2000
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