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Geribi Deruta Italy

MD01 - 3 Liter Jug

MD01 - 3 Liter Jug

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MD01 - 3 Liter Jug


 This Geribi Deruta jug is a symphony of color and pattern, hand-painted with care and precision. Its body is adorned with an array of green feather-like designs set against a warm yellow backdrop, while the base features a meticulous mosaic of vibrant squares. The jug’s elegant form is highlighted by the bold, green handle that invites a comfortable grip.

Infuse Your Gatherings with the Spirit of Italy with Geribi's Deruta Jug

Capture the essence of Italian countryside charm with this exquisite hand-painted jug from Geribi Deruta. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Italy, its vibrant colors and intricate details bring a piece of the picturesque hills into your home. Perfect for serving or as a decorative heirloom, this jug is a true embodiment of Italian warmth and hospitality.

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