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Geribi Deruta Italy

MD02 - 3 Liter Jug

MD02 - 3 Liter Jug

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MD02 - 3 Liter Jug


This Geribi Deruta jug is a masterpiece of deep blues and turquoise, adorned with a harmonious pattern of petal-like scales that cascade elegantly down its curved form. The meticulous hand-painted checkered pattern at the neck and the intricate lattice design at the base celebrate the iconic craftsmanship of Deruta ceramics.

Dive into the Depths of Italian Craftsmanship with Geribi's Deruta Jug

Embark on a voyage to the heart of Italy with every glance at this stunning hand-painted Deruta jug by Geribi. Its oceanic hues and exquisite patterns capture the essence of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a perfect centerpiece or a cherished vessel for your favorite beverages. Adorn your table with this piece and let every pour reflect the depth of Italian artistry.


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