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Geribi Deruta Italy

OB-01 - (Pre-Order)

OB-01 - (Pre-Order)

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OB-01 - (Pre-Order)

This vibrant oil bottle is a stunning piece that immediately draws the eye. It's an exquisite example of Geribi Ceramics, showcasing the intricate hand-painted designs that the Deruta artists are known for. The interplay of bright reds, yellows, and greens creates a warm, Mediterranean feel, perfect for adding a splash of color to any dining setting.

The bottle's slim shape and practical spout make it not only a decorative piece but also a functional item for everyday use. Whether it's used to drizzle olive oil over a salad or simply to add a bit of Italian flair to your kitchen, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

The craftsmanship is evident in the fine details and the glossy finish, indicating that this is a high-quality product that could easily become a family heirloom.

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