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Geribi Deruta

OVAL SUN02 (Pre Order)

OVAL SUN02 (Pre Order)

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OVAL SUN02 - Sun & Peacocks

This image is vibrant with a Geribi Ceramic plate that takes center stage, boasting a sun motif at its heart. The plate radiates warmth with its bright orange and red hues, interspersed with deep blues that add a striking contrast. The sun's cheerful face lends a joyful and welcoming atmosphere to the meal setting.

Brighten up your table with the warmth of the Italian sun captured in a Geribi Ceramic plate. Each piece is a ray of sunshine, skillfully painted to bring joy to your meals and conversations. Embrace the glow of fine craftsmanship and let your home bask in the radiance of a well-set table. Add this sunny piece to your collection and let every meal shine.

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