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Geribi Deruta

Oval AN-104 (Pre Order)

Oval AN-104 (Pre Order)

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Oval Platter AN-104

This image features a Geribi Ceramic plate that beautifully captures the rustic charm of the countryside with a rooster proudly taking the central spot. The border is adorned with green and mustard-toned sunflower petals, detailed with hints of red that add a pop of color. The plate, with its traditional and bucolic design, complements the fresh, wholesome feel of the food surrounding it.

Celebrate the simplicity and beauty of farm-to-table dining with this exquisite Geribi Ceramic plate. Every hand-painted stroke celebrates the artisan's touch, bringing warmth and authenticity to your table. Perfect for those who cherish the nostalgia of country living, this plate will make every meal feel like a harvest feast.

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