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Geribi Deruta

Oval AN-100 (Pre Order)

Oval AN-100 (Pre Order)

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Oval Platter AN-100

The image depicts an elaborate Geribi Ceramic plate adorned with a pastoral scene at its center featuring a charming bird in repose. The surrounding decorative border is rich with earthy tones of green and mustard, accented by sunflower motifs that bring a touch of the countryside to the table. The plate's detailed artwork exudes a rustic elegance amidst the spread of food.

Bring the tranquil essence of the Italian countryside to your dining with this Geribi Ceramic plate. Every meal becomes a picturesque moment with this hand-painted piece, where nature's harmony is served alongside your favorite dishes. Collect a slice of pastoral serenity and let your table tell a story of bucolic beauty and artisanal tradition.

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