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Geribi Deruta Italy

PG-25 Medium Piggy Bank 20cm - 8” (Pre-Order)

PG-25 Medium Piggy Bank 20cm - 8” (Pre-Order)

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PG-25 Medium Piggy Bank 20cm - 8" (Pre-Order)

Our piggy bank features a bright and playful design, perfect for encouraging saving in a cheerful way. It's crafted with a vibrant base color, decorated with intricate patterns of interlocking shapes and petal-like motifs in various shades. The patterns are thoughtfully placed to create a harmonious design, with the top and sides adorned with detailed embellishments, giving it a festive and ornate appearance. 
It's a charming and functional piece of decor that would brighten up any space while serving as a delightful repository for coins.

- You can personalize your piggy bank.

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