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Geribi Deruta

PP01 - Pasta Plate 25cm (Pre Order)

PP01 - Pasta Plate 25cm (Pre Order)

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PP01 - Pasta Plate 25x9cm - 10" x 3.5" (Pre Order)

New Decorative plate with a vibrant design. It is predominantly in shades of blue and teal, and the pattern resembles lotus petals arranged in a circular fashion around the rim of the plate. 
The design has elements of traditional Deruta Geribi ceramic art, which often include such floral and symmetric motifs. 

Bring the essence of Italian craftsmanship to your table with Geribi Ceramics — where tradition meets modern elegance. Each piece, a symphony of vibrant blues and soothing teals, is hand-painted with the love and legacy of Deruta artisans. Inspired by the lotus, symbolizing purity and beauty, our designs turn every meal into a celebration. Invite the timeless charm of Geribi into your home and experience dining transformed into an art form. Geribi Ceramics – a masterpiece in every meal.

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