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Geribi Deruta

Space-Time-02 - 2023 Wall Clock 10.5"

Space-Time-02 - 2023 Wall Clock 10.5"

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Space-Time-01 2023 Wall Clock 26.5cm - 10.5"

"Relativity and Space-Time Conceptual Wall Clock"

Immerse yourself in the depths of physics with this unique wall clock that artfully illustrates the concept of space-time and relativity. It features a central observer with future and past light cones, a representation of the warping of space-time, and handwritten scientific notations that provide a glimpse into the complex theories that govern our universe. This clock is not just a timepiece but a conversation starter and an educational tool, perfect for enthusiasts of science, teachers, or anyone with a curiosity about the cosmos. It's a functional piece of art that makes the concept of time a visual spectacle.

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