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Geribi Deruta

STX-01 (Pre Order)

STX-01 (Pre Order)

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STX-01 - Set: Concave tray  cm.32 x 27.5 - (12.5" x 11") and Bowl cm.23 x 5

This is a set of beautifully crafted ceramics, likely a tray and bowl, with a vibrant red color and intricate patterns. These items seem to be a part of a Geribi Deruta collection, which refers to a type of Italian pottery known for its rich colors and detailed hand-painted designs. Deruta is a town in Italy that has been famous for its pottery since the Renaissance, and the Geribi studio is one of the many studios there that continues the tradition of creating high-quality, artistic ceramics. This set is a great example of the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into making Deruta ceramics.

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