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Geribi Deruta Italy

Volcanic Outdoor Table - Geometric

Volcanic Outdoor Table - Geometric

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Mediterranean Mosaic Ceramic Table – Vibrant Elegance

Step into a world of vibrant color and intricate design with our Mediterranean Mosaic Ceramic Table. This eye-catching piece draws inspiration from the azure blues of the sea and the golden hues of the sun. The table's edge is a celebration of pattern and color, featuring a stunning mosaic that brings to mind the handcrafted tile work of a sun-drenched Mediterranean coast.

The lively yellow border encircles a band of geometric shapes, each tile a miniature masterpiece painted in a harmony of blues, reds, and whites. These vivid colors and patterns are perfectly balanced by the subtle cream center of the tabletop, creating a visual feast for your eyes.

With its sturdy metal base, this table is as functional as it is beautiful, providing a stable platform for your daily activities or entertaining needs. It's a piece that will not only stand as a functional table but also as a statement art piece in any setting.

    • Diameter: 100cm - 31,5"
    • Materials: Volcanic stone, metal base
    • Design: Hand-painted blue-yellow geometric
    • Perfect for: Indoor and outdoor use
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