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Geribi Deruta

WP-154 Wall plate (Pre Order)

WP-154 Wall plate (Pre Order)

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 Capturing the essence of Italian artistry, this exquisite hand-painted wall plate from Geribi Deruta is a masterpiece of color and design. Each plate is a unique canvas where traditional techniques meet the personal flair of the artisan, bringing to life the vibrant heritage of Deruta ceramics. The plate showcases a mesmerizing floral motif that blooms across its surface, featuring bold yellows, deep greens, and fiery reds, all outlined with a defining black that accentuates every detail. A stunning red backdrop, peppered with delicate white dots, frames the central yellow flower, creating an effect that is both striking and harmonious. The artistry displayed in this piece exemplifies the time-honored skills passed down through generations, ensuring that each plate is not only a decorative treasure but also a piece of Italian history. Perfect for adorning a wall or gracing a display shelf, this Geribi creation is a testament to the enduring beauty of handcrafted Italian ceramics.

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