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Geribi Deruta

WY-04 Dish 23cm (Pre Order)

WY-04 Dish 23cm (Pre Order)

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WY-04 Dish 23cm (Pre Order)

The plate in the image features a dynamic and vivid floral design. The central element is a flower with a yellow and orange core, surrounded by multiple layers of petals. The most striking petals are the outermost ones, which are a bold red with black outlines and small green accents that give the impression of depth and shadow, enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the design. Between these red petals are smaller, green leaf-like patterns with a similar level of detail. The use of contrasting colors creates a lively and engaging visual effect.

The entire floral arrangement is encircled by a bright yellow rim, which frames the design and adds a cheerful border to the plate. The red of the petals is particularly rich and would stand out on any dining table, while the overall pattern is reminiscent of traditional ceramic painting techniques. The glossy finish on the plate suggests that it is both a decorative and a functional piece, ideal for serving food with style.

Set a table of serene elegance with our Geribi Deruta Ceramic Plate. Echoing the hues of a twilight sky, the delicate blues and purples of this plate create a floral masterpiece that transforms every meal into a tranquil escape. Ideal for those who appreciate the quiet luxury of a beautifully set table, this piece is more than dinnerware—it's a slice of Italian heritage ready to grace your home.

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